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Relax, Recover, Recharge

Wellness pods are a versatile, user friendly, cost-effective way to bring wellness into any space. Reduce stress, improve sleep, alleviate pain and improve performance, a Wellness Solutions pod enables you to experience wellness at home, at work, at leisure 24/7.

Wellness On Demand

We offer a wide range of movement, exercise, and wellness education videos that are suitable for everyone! Enjoy Move123 exercise classes, Mind123 Wellness education sessions & Move123 Silver for those who wish to stay active later in life.


Breathing & Meditation Chair

The O2 Chair guides users to breathe more consciously, slowly and deeply, enhancing physical and mental health. The chair gently warms and massages as it goes through guided breathing and meditation exercises leaving the user refreshed and rejuvenated.


Infrared Sauna with Meditation

The Infrared Sauna uses a unique combination of infrared heat technology and colour light therapy to restore physical and mental balance. Our saunas are space-efficient and allow users to remain fully clothed whilst still enjoying the full range of benefits. Enjoy total body and mind recovery therapy through infrared heat. 


Recovery Massage Chair

The recovery chair is more than a traditional massage chair. With unique full body scanning technology it offers a personalised and total mind and body recovery experience. The recovery chair leaves the user feeling relaxed, recharged, and recovered. 



Luxury Neck Massage Cushion

Sit back, relax and feel the stress melt away with your Luxury Neck Massage Cushion. Imagine the feeling of 3D dual rollers rotating backwards and forwards on the back of your neck, then switch on the infrared heating function for extra relaxation.
Wireless, portable and waterproof, the Luxury Neck Massage Cushion is the perfect way to relax and unwind.


Relieving Massage Cushion

The Relieving Massage Cushion uses 3D dual rollers which rotate backwards and forwards for the ultimate in relaxation. The infrared heating function relieves tired aching muscles and the soft foam cotton inner helps you feel comfortable and relaxed. Wireless, portable and waterproof, the Relieving Massage Cushion is the perfect accessory for work, home or anywhere in between. 


Soothing & Warm Foot Massager

Treat your feet and sink them into the stylish and functional Soothing Foot Massager. The Soothing Foot Massager uses a rotating massage function using a 3D roller, combined with infrared heating. Choose from a range of automated programs and select one of three levels of intensity - low, medium and high.


Easy payment plans available

Own your Wellness Pod today! Choose to either purchase outright or select our 12 or 26 month interest free Payment Plan to pay over time.


I love the Breathing chair as its always so relaxing and can change your life

Charmain Waru - Club W

After a few minutes, I felt myself in a stage of complete wellbeing and relaxation, amazing

Alain Bernard - French Olympian

After five minutes of deep relaxation, I felt my body rejuvenated

Stephanie Diagana - French Athlete